PocketStudio allows anyone to easily create, play and distribute 3D animated sequences in real-time. That’s true real-time collaborative editing, unified workflow, AR and VR in your pocket.

Unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2018!

Come and see our demo at the SIGGRRAPH Real-Time Live! competition taking place on August 14th in Vancouver.

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PocketStudio is GPU and cloud based. It will power the next-gen digital content creation community. Want to join us?

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What Makes PocketStudio Unique
Work on Any Part of Your Movie in Parallel and in Real-Time

The first 3D animation software with a real-time unified workflow optimally designed for film production. A unified workflow is a workflow that allows a user to create a movie from beginning to end within the same application.

Natively Built for the Cloud

The first 3D animation software natively designed for the cloud and to implement a seamless, user-friendly real-time collaborative workflow where several people can work on the same project at the same time and see each other's change in real-time.

Power to the Creatives

The first Digital Content Creation (DCC) tool allowing filmmakers to create and distribute real-time 3D animation content without pain for any media including AR and VR.

About Us

Our company was created in 2017. Our international team is composed of seasoned film professionals recognized as world’s experts in the emergent field of real-time filmmaking and programmers with a strong experience in the development of real-time and high-performance software solutions.


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