PocketStudio - August 2018
PocketStudio: a new real-time collaborative-like DCC tool unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver at the Real-Time Live! Competition

PARIS - AUGUST 1, 2018 – PocketStudio today announced its next generation Digital Content Creation (DCC) tool has been selected among the 10 finalists of SIGGRAPH’s Real-Time Live! Competition taking place on August 14th in Vancouver, Canada.

Jean-Colas Prunier, VFX/animation veteran and his team have been secretly working for about a year on the PocketStudio DCC tool. “Being selected among the finalists is a big accomplishment for us and underscores the value of this technology to our community” Jean-Colas Prunier said. “This is our first public demonstration and it is a decisive moment.”

PocketStudio is the first bespoke DCC tool providing a real-time unified workflow specifically designed for the film industry and the production of linear 3D animation content for VR and AR. It is also the first DCC tool in existence today to offer a real-time collaborative editing workflow, not unlike Google-Docs where several users can work on the same project at the same time and see each other’s changes in real time.

“During the competition we’ll show how collaborative editing applied to film production works. There are many great benefits to having an application natively designed for the cloud such as filming 3D movies using augmented reality and streaming live 3D animation content to any device”, says Jean-Colas Prunier. The demo will also showcase an example of ray-tracing in Vulkan using NVIDIA RTX ray tracing technology.

SIGGRAPH is not only an opportunity to experience PocketStudio live but also to meet with the team for private demos and partnership and investment opportunities. “With the creation of the prototype we completed our first mission successfully which was to prove that technology and particularly GPU and cloud technology is mature enough to rethink entirely how we produce 3D animation content with a new generation of DCC tools. The next step is to secure investment to develop PocketStudio into a commercial application and to quickly deliver a first version of the tool that is functional, reliable and relevant to today’s production needs.”

The SIGGRAPH 2018 conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada, August 12-16th. PocketStudio’s SIGGRAPH demo is powered by NVIDIA GPUs and Google Cloud servers and will showcase content from the TV series project “Bao Bao” authored by Philippe Gauckler and produced with the support of animation and VFX studio Terminal FX and virtual production studio Stiller Studios.

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The startup behind the development of PocketStudio was founded by VFX and animation veteran Jean-Colas Prunier in August 2017. PocketStudio is under development and will be released as a commercial solution in 2019.